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Vision AI Implementation on Outdoor Advertisements in China

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A recent publication from YCP Solidiance, “Capturing Advertising Conversions with Vision AI,” thoroughly examines the Artificial Intelligence market opportunity in China through a study case of outdoor advertisement media and its changes in performance after a Vision AI installment.

Nowadays, marketers need to understand the effectiveness of their advertising programs: from how consumers react to their advertisements to whether the interest converse to sales.

When coming to offline advertisement matters, marketers’ ability to understand how traffic flows through the designated area can be achieved with a video-analytics counting system that observes the starting point at the place. However, such systems could not provide information on specific consumers’ journeys and their reaction toward advertisement placement inside the area.

A Facial Recognition system can solve the latter concern through its ability to enroll each consumer as they enter the designated place, eventually tracking the period spent and directions they took while in the area. In addition, Vision AI could analyze the demographics of each consumer, such as gender and age range.

The technology could become the critical driver of outdoor advertisements’ comeback. In recent years, the adoption of smartphones has attached people to their phones, making them less susceptible to outdoor displays. Outdoor advertising has also lagged compared to an online advertisement to conduct targeted marketing and converse data into insightful information regarding the business.

Vision AI Solution for Outdoor Display Advertisement

The study case from YCP Solidiance enables a Vision AI solution for a shopping mall group’s outdoor advertisements. The Solution provides AI technology to identify the gender and age group of the incoming passer and leverage the information to deliver relevant advertising content. For example, when the system identifies young women passing by, it would immediately display cosmetic advertisements.

In addition, the Vision AI could also track the consumers’ eyeball engagements to identify how long each consumer pays attention to the advertisement. Marketers could use the information from Vision AI to measure the relevancy of each advertising content and create more appealing and accurate content. Moreover, The extensive data intelligence that gathered the information can also be used for A/B testing to ensure the advertisement’s performance.

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After implementing the Artificial Intelligence system, the revenue per outdoor display significantly improved, peaking at a 33 percent increment compared to the traditional production in the same period. Despite the severe damage of shopping malls’ traffic due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the clients decided to expand the adoption of the Vision AI solution to a national-wide project.

Source: YCP Solidiance

The study case proves that outdoor advertisement platforms can avoid becoming obsolete by optimizing their performance and ability through Artificial Intelligence, specifically Vision AI. Today, outdoor displays equipped with Vision AI perform online advertisements in tracking consumer journeys and conducting highly accurate targeted marketing. If implemented correctly, offline presentations could once again become the go-to tool for marketers in China.

Source: YCP Solidiance Whitepaper

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