Electronic Claw Game

7 Secrets to Beat Electronic Claw Game

Do you ever feel frustrated for never beating a game? Well, that always happens when we play an electronic claw game.

Most people find it hard to pull an item out of the claw game. Even if the item is quite cheap, once you successfully capture it, you will feel excited about getting the prize. 

In essence, the claw game belongs to arcade games supplied with a variety of prizes like sweets, cigarettes, jewellery, plus toys, and other merchandise. 

Normally this electronic game is available in supermarkets, video arcades, movie theatres, bowling alleys, restaurants or shopping malls.

How to Win the Prize in Electronic Claw Game


To avenge the moments when you lost the claw game, you should learn the following tips. It will increase a chance to gain victory in a claw game.

You can even practice by playing the claw machine app first before you try on the actual claw game. Here are the tips to beat claw games.

  • Avoid Claw Machine with Packed Prizes

A claw machine consisting of full prizes prevents you picking up the stuff easily because the owner tends to pack the prize tightly.

Make sure you choose a claw machine less than halfway full of prizes, so you can pull them up precisely. 

In addition, the claw machine with a few prizes left indicates that many people had succeeded in winning the prize.

Conversely the claw game which is full of prizes shows that people hardly win the game. The difficulty level of the game could be the reason why there are still many prizes remaining. 

  • Pick Claws

Generally, this game utilizes claws consisting of 2, 3 or 4 prongs. Among those types of claws, the 3-pronged claw is the most effective one to win a prize. 

  • Watch Someone Else Playing Before You

Watching someone else playing enables you analyse how the machine works and its difficulty level.

You must pay a heed to the duration when the machine runs after they insert the money. You should watch the crane mobility and the grip of claws whether it is tight or loose. 

  • Choose the Prize You want

Before you insert a coin into the claw game, you should choose which prize that you want. It allows you to hit the target accurately. The prize located around the top is normally an easy target.

  • Move the Claw Precisely

You have to move the claw properly and ensure it is in the right position. You can take advantage of the mirror inside the machine to check the claw position.

It will be better if you bring your friend along to guide you move the claw into a precise position. 

  • Manoeuvre the Claw in 10 seconds

The faster you manoeuvre the claw above the price, the higher chance to win over it. You may spend 10 or 20 seconds to move the claw accurately above the prize before the claw falls down. 

  • Drop the Claw

Once you are sure the position of the claw is accurate, you must press the button to drop the claw immediately. This way you can pick up the prize easily. Watch the timing as well, because if the time runs out the claw will be back to starting position. 

Some people tend to rely on luck to win the prize in electronic claw games. Well, if you apply the tips above, you may improve your skill to beat this game.

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