Market Research Qatar Predicts about its Market Trend in 2020

Qatar nowadays has transformed to become the country with the most promising investment market in the world.

This country is witnessed as a fast-growing country that is able to balance the growth rates by avoiding any global challenges.

Based on market research Qatar, this country has established the Qatar National Vision 2030 which consists of a master plan of Qatar economic project a few years ahead.

Qatar Profile and Geography

In the case of income per person, Qatar can be classified as one of the wealthiest countries in the world due to the modest population it has.

There are only around 800.000 people living in the country with an abundance of oil and natural gas resources.

The oil sector contributed to the nation’s GDP whereas natural gas takes a lead about 5% on world nature gas needs. Thus, there is no more attractive place to invest but Qatar.

Qatar Market Trend Overview

Supported by the government’s policy, Qatar has various attractive sectors that highly contributed to national economic growth.

Due to the economic policy held by this country, it leads investors to be more enhanced and strengthened in a case of confidence to involve in the national economy. Qatar moreover has straightly attempted to develop the environment of investment by making an administration system better.

In the other hand, this country also formulated a policy which eases any investors to do fully-owned investment project in any sectors they wanted to.

Qatar’s government is also developing a single-window system in order to bring services to be more efficient, practical, and effective through electronic systems.

It also simplifies any kind of process such as identifying and streamlining procedures licenses for investors.

Attracting Sectors to Invest in Qatar

Since Qatar adopted and established the policy by diversifying its economy systems, it helps this country creates a conducive environment for any investments. It can be seen from any public-private partnerships that successfully held by this country.

Moreover, by now, there are several promising sectors that look extremely promising for any investors to take apart. Those sectors are including:

  • Energy
  • Tourism
  • Information technology
  • Consultancy & Technical Services
  • Industrial
  • Development & exploitation of natural resources
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Distribution
  • Health
  • Mining
  • Food Security
  • Logistics
  • Sports, Recreational, and Cultural Services

Qatar Market Trend in 2020

Based on market research Qatar, the country has been positioned in the 31st rank of the 2020 index with the score reached 72.3 in case of economic freedom.

On the other hand, this country has got 3rd position if compared to other the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. In the case of Gross Domestic Product, Qatar experienced normal growth in the past few years. 

The modest growth in Qatar’s economy was basically affected by the boycott from Arab called “Arab Boycott”.

Due to that issue, Qatar didn’t look growing well at that time with the government needed to manage the level of spending.

Furthermore, caused by that issue, Qatar also attempted to implement diversification and localization of operating aspects in the next few years.

Well, it’s important to know about the basic information of the country before doing any business over there. Market research Qatar completely enlightened you about the economic condition over this country, so you can make any decision with no risks.

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