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Market Research Cambodia: How to Invest and Further Challenges

Southeast Asia countries have a great opportunity to reach greater market achievement. Having some strategic location for international trade including Cambodia.

However, market research Cambodia for investment having a great deal for better business opportunities.

Thus, there are several sectors takes some lead in Cambodia and the investor has a greater chance with better performance. 

Opportunities Due to Market Performance

Cambodia located between Vietnam and Thailand which become an attractive destination for business and investment in ASEAN.

Coming back after the violent trouble of the 20th century takes some time for them to recover.

Furthermore, they are looking for economic opportunities and playing fields in the global economic sector. Having steady economic growth by around 7 percent in 2019.

It is a part of improvement for the Cambodia economic sector. Since the growth is the highest among other ASEAN nations. However, the government needs to overcome a large-scale reform to support this moment.

Creating a competitive value for Cambodia to compete on a global level. As the FDI inflow increased for the fifth consecutive time for the last two years reaching 832 million Dollars. 

Tourism Still the Biggest Opportunities

Look forward to overcoming the economic situation in Cambodia and its significant improvement in national GDP. Cambodia’s unique traditional culture to attract more tourist to come.

Enjoying their time in Cambodia as the tourism industry grey steady at 11 percent. It is a huge growing number for international tourists to come to the country. 

Garment Industry Keep Increasing Their Values

Due to rising wages in China and a couple of factory incidents in Bangladesh providing a better opportunity for Cambodia.

They are successfully expanding their garment industry in 2018 to increase their export by 11 percent.

Thus, the 2019 Cambodia were dominated by the garment sector as the biggest business industry. The total export creating 16 percent of GDP and 80 percent for total export. 

Market research Cambodia highly impacted by the garment industry. With a strategic location, competitive labor force, and supportive government initiative for better access to the EU and the US.

Since the EU becoming the largest importer with 40 percent while the US reached 30 percent of all garment export. As China still look for better garment import and industry from Cambodia. 

Investment Situation in Cambodia

In fact, that Cambodia is a country with open investment law. Offering a range of incentives for investors they are also having a strategic location for business.

Nearby Thailand, Vietnam, and the Chinese market led them to become a perfect investment location. Most of the investment attractive to the border areas for the export-based manufacturing industry. It is a highly attractive incentive for foreign investors. 

Almost 100 percent foreign ownership of companies are allowed in several sectors.

The law and regulation for investment also provide protection of investment from nationalization including regulated prices. However, the number of corruptions still high and might weaken those rules and regulations. 

Cambodia Provide you a lot of investment opportunity. Since market research Cambodia facing the new era of investment as you can get easy access to invest.

Thus, the garment industry is one of the promising sectors to try with huge export potential from Cambodia to a western country.

However, the tourism sector does play a significant role in Cambodia GDP development.

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