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Jordan Young Jordanians Are More Aware of Online Shopping

Young Jordanians like many young generations in the world are more dependable to tech and the internet than the older generations. Young Jordanians who represent more than half of the population (60%) tend to buy tech and gadget product. The online market has also become a consideration for young Jordanians. Market research Jordan can be conducted based on income level, discount, the pattern of purchase, etc.

Some factor’s that can affect consumer behavior dan consumption pattern is religion, education, age, family background, and income. Jordan’s main export product is a garment and chemical product. Even though Jordan is one of the Middle East Country, their oil production is not as much as the Arabian Gulf’s Country. The manufacturing sector is the largest and dominant Jordan’s economic sector.

Here are some of Jordan’s manufacture sectors activities:

  • Furniture manufacturer.
  • Garment manufacture.
  • Leather and shoe manufacturer.
  • Chemical industries.

Market Research Jordan E-Commerce Sector Needs Government Attention

Apartments are residential options that are popular among Jordanians who live in urban areas. Market research Jordan provides information that presentation of apartments has an important role in affecting consumer behavior. Here is some factor that affects the consumer behavior in terms of buying an apartment: structural factors, geographical factors, environmental factors, dan the economic factors.

E-commerce and online market is still growing in Jordan. Most young people who have access to the internet through their smartphone are more aware of online shopping. Most Jordanians speak Arabic and they need more online shopping website to use Arabic as one of their interface languages. Even though, the online market is growing there’s some problem that the government needs to fix to support the growth of the online market.

Security can become an issue in e-commerce and online market. Most of Jordanians don’t aware of safety and security issues. International and global shopping website is the main choice when people do online shopping. The government needs to increase participation of local business in the online market sector. Jordan’s government need to apply law and regulation for online for e-commerce and online market.

Market research Jordan shows us that product availability and low prices are the two main reasons Jordanians choose to do online shopping. Convenience is also another reason the choose online shopping. Delivery problems become main problems in online shopping sector. Wrong address problem usually happens when Jordanians do online shopping. Some Jordanians still hesitate to do online shopping because of online payment methods.

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