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Japan Claw Machine Online Play: Play a Claw Machine in Japan Remotely

We all know how thrilling playing a claw machine can be. Back then, you had to go to an arcade to play a claw machine.

Nowadays, you can play a claw machine online, controlling the machine remotely in the comfort of your room. Interested in claw machine online play? Read on. We will tell you about the JCM app.

About Japan Claw Machine Online Play

Japan Claw Machine or JCM is an application that allows you to control a claw machine in Japan remotely. Using the app, you can enjoy the thrill of playing a claw machine without having to go to an arcade for that. 

As it is online and you will be given a real-time live feed of the machine you control, you can play and win a prize at the comfort of your house. When you win the game, the prize will be shipped to your door directly from Japan.

JCM app is available on both App Store and Google Play. As of now, it has been downloaded over 31 million times, with over 10 million prizes have been won. There are about 1,000 players playing the game on a daily basis.

Playing the Game

You start with selecting the prize you want. There is a wide range of options, so no need to rush and take your time to choose.

Once you have decided on the prize, play the claw machine game you want. Then, meet the winning condition, grab your prize, and have it shipped to your door via EMS or DHL.

There are various claw machines online to choose from. Each has a different winning condition. For example, if you play the bridge-style claw machine, you win the prize by dropping it from the rods.

If you play the ping-pong ball machine, the winning condition is to drop a ball on a colored hole. If you play the treasure hunt machine, you need to pick up the chain connected to the prize to win. And so on.

Although the winning condition is different from one claw machine to another, the basics are the same. You move the claw machine in two directions, forward-backward, and left-right and then drop the machine. Note that you will be given a limited time per play. 


When you win a prize, it will be shipped to your door via EMS or DHL. Since all of the prizes are shipped from Japan, it will take time before your prize arrives at your door. The estimated time to arrive is between 3 and 10 days from the prize shipping date.


JCM has 24/7 live chat support that will give you quick solutions when you face difficulties. There is also on-site staff that may reposition the prize so it will be easier for the player to win.

The app has various interesting offers. Currently, it offers 5 premium tickets as rewards for downloading the app which new players can use to play any claw machine online for free. So, ready to take advantage of the tickets and test your luck?


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