Installing Real Prize Claw Machine App to Pour You with Many Actual Gifts

Is it possible to play an online game and receive the real prize? It will be a dream come true for you who live in Singapore and crave gifts offered by online claw machines.

It all can be a reality once you install a real prize claw machine app on your mobile device.

Don’t require you to actually visit arcades, you still can experience the vibes of playing in this game spot at home.

This game provides you with similar claw machines that you commonly find there. All you have to do is just honing your skill to play the machine from your personal device. 

Kinds of Prizes Offered by This Claw Machine Game


It’s quite surprising to know that any Singaporean player can get the real prize from the claw machine they play from the mobile device.

However, this is what you really can obtain and the more interesting thing about it is the several kinds of prizes you can win from the game such as follows: 

  • Anime 

Anime figurines become the main prizes of this game which many Singaporean players are interested in playing because they want to collect them. Collecting the anime figurines from this is worth it because they are all exclusive that you cannot discover anywhere.

Another type of anime prize you can obtain from this game is furniture with an anime theme, like storage with anime characters on it. 

  • Toys

There are a variety of toys that this claw machine app provides as prizes. You have a chance to win radio control cars, vending machine miniature toys, and other miniature toys which will be great to add to your collections. This actual type of prize is often hunted by male players from Singapore. 

  • Soft Toys

How about the female players? You still can enjoy the gameplay and win some cute soft toys. There will be many comfortable anime night pillows, big soft toys, as well as various cute anime dolls if you want to make some anime collections too. 

  • Electronics

Craving for other prizes that will be more useful for your daily activities? Play the claw machines and get the opportunity to win various electronics as gifts. From waterproof video cameras to wireless earphones, they are too interesting to skip. 

  • Foods

You can get some tantalizing treats from this game since when you win the game, you deserve to get cup noodles, stick snacks, and snack campus. 

How to Play Real Prize Claw Machine App


Playing and win this game is pretty easy as you only need to do: 

  • Pick the prizes you prefer the most and you want to get when winning the game. 
  • Play the claw machine game as best as possible. 
  • Win every gameplay and obtain the prizes from it. 
  • You will receive the gifts from the game for real by getting them shipped to your Singapore address 

Getting the prizes from online games now is much easier when you install a real prize claw machine app on your mobile device.

Hone your skills in playing claw machines by practicing continuously and your chances to get more real prizes are higher.

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