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4 Free Prizes from Demon Slayer Claw Machine

Have you ever played a game online but got the real prize? The Demon Slayer claw machine can make it happen. Japan Claw Machine created the Kimetsu no Yaiba crane game and allows you to play the game at home or wherever you are.

When you win the prize, Japan Claw Machine is going to ship the prize you win to your home via EMS or DHL. The prize will be shipped from Japan to many countries around the world. What prize will you get? The one you chose before you play the game, not a random prize you don’t like.

Cool Prizes from Demon Slayer Claw Machine for Free

After downloading the game, whether from Google Play Store or App Store, you must create your account to play the game. There is not only the Demon Slayer crane game but also Pokémon claw machine, Disney crane game, One Piece claw machine, and many others.

Each game allows you to pick your prize before the game starts. After the game starts and you win the prize, Japan Claw Machine will send your prize to you. For the Demon Slayer claw machine, these prizes can be chosen:

  • Figure

There are figures you can choose as your prize such as the Kizuna no Sou figure and Juu no Kata figure. The figure’s original price is fifty dollars but you are not allowed to do a direct purchase. You need to play the claw machine to get these figures.

  • Figure mascot

The figure mascot of Kimetsu no Yaiba price is lower, only twenty dollars. This prize can be won by leveraging the premium ticket to play the game for free. If you are out of premium tickets, you need to spend only one dollar to play the game and bring the figure mascot home.

  • Cushion

This is not just a regular cushion. If you purchase this original jumbo cushion of Demon Slayer you will have to spend eighty dollars. But with only one dollar, the mega cushion will be yours, shipped directly to your door. Install JCM app and start winning your prizes.

  • Mat

The limited edition Kimetsu no Yaiba mat is an original exclusive product from Japan. To own this twenty five dollars mat you can win the Demon Slayer claw machine for free or by spending only one dollar. The game can be played on your android device or iOS device.

Everything about this game is online. You play online and the prize will be sent to you. If there is a problem you face while playing the game, you can get help from the customer service team through the chat feature. Japan Claw Machine is designed to make you happy without leaving the house.

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