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Claw Machine Game Free to Play: Toreba

Playing a claw game is fun. After all, who doesn’t like the feeling when winning a prize in such a challenging game? We all like it. We have to pay for it, however. 

What if you just want to take a shot and test your luck? Is there any claw machine game free to play?

Here, we tell you an online claw machine game that offers you a chance to play and win the prizes for free. The game’s name is Toreba.

What Is Toreba?

Put it simply, it is an online claw machine game. Like any other standard claw machine game, you must move a claw to retrieve the prize. 

Here’s an interesting thing: you play this claw machine game online, remotely via the app. Meaning, you can play it without having to move from your bed. Very convenient and fun, right?

Although you play the game remotely, the prizes the game offers are real. If you win, the game will ask you for shipping information so the prize can be delivered to your door.

Claw Machine Game Free to Play

Is Toreba 100% free to play? Of course not. There is no such thing as a claw machine game that is 100% free to play. You have to spend money to play, one way or another. Toreba is not an exception.

What makes Toreba different is that it gives you chances to play and win for free. For example, if you just registered for the game, you will be given 5 chances to play for free. 

Not only that, but Toreba will also give you free play tickets now and then. For example, during festive times like Christmas, New Year, and Golden Week. There are events where the game gives players free play tickets, too.

So yes, the game isn’t always free to play, but it does provide you with the opportunity to do so. Do know that when you choose to play the game for free, you will have only a few chances to win. 

Prize Shipping

Here are things to keep in mind about the prize shipping:

  • If you are a new user, your first shipment will be free (unless you live in South America or Africa). The next shipping will be chargeable. How much it will cost depends on the weight of the prize and the location where you are living.
  • The company is based in Japan. That means the farther you are from Japan, the more expensive the shipping fee will be.
  • The game offers free shipping once a week to users. So if you win a prize, be sure to take advantage of this offer.

Should You Try the Game?

Yes. Why? Because your first 5 tries and first shipping are both free. Who knows if you turn out to be lucky and win a prize? It is worth trying.

There is no such thing as a 100% claw machine game free to play. That said, although it isn’t always free to play, Toreba does give the players to play and win for free. 

The chance of winning is, of course, not as high as those that pay to play as you will only get a few tries now and then.

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