2 Best Things Offered by Claw Machine App Canada

Since the pandemic attacked, everything is going online today. Grocery shopping and even playing arcade games can be done online at home.

If you are a huge fan of arcade games, you’ll love playing claw machine app Canada. What’s so special about this? Why should you consider playing this game?


So many online games out there can be downloaded and played. But the claw machine game is something you’ll really want.

There are major differences between this unique game and the other online games available for the android devices and iOS devices.

Why You Have to Play the Unique Claw Games

The classic claw machine or crane game requires you to move the claw in order to get the price you desire.

Then you must bring that price carefully and drop it to the hole so that you can bring it home. This fun game can be found in many amusement parks in Canada and the other countries.

But today, everybody is suggested to stay at home and be creative so that they won’t get bored. Limited games can be played at home.

Fortunately, there is an online claw machine game you can play on your smartphone, whether android or iOS smartphones.

The game is called Japan Claw Machine. Though it comes from Japan, you can enjoy the game at home in Canada. This is a fantastic game that offers many things for you, including these:

  • Limited edition prizes for the winner

You are about to play claw machine app Canada that comes from so far away. The game is completed with limited edition prizes that you can get only by playing and winning that game.

Though you’re playing in any other country, the gift you won will be originally from Japan and will be delivered from that country.

Many characters from Disney, Dragon Ball, Pokémon, One Piece, and the others are all limited edition you cannot purchase anywhere else.


The only chance you can get them is by playing the game. You better download it now and start playing.

  • Low priced game to play

If you travel to Japan, you’ll spend lots of money for the flight. Then you need to spend 100 yen for each play in most claw machines in Japan.

By downloading the Japan Claw Machine game, you don’t have to travel and you’ll save lots of money.


Besides, if you’re new to this, you’ll get 5 tickets. Those are premium tickets that allow you to play for free. Each ticket will give you one chance to win the game.

You can use them to train your ability in winning your favorite limited edition prizes. If you have used the entire tickets, you need to pay to play.

But don’t worry, this claw machine app Canada requires only a dollar for each play. If you play with your kids, you can teach them to manage their money and not spend all their money in one day.

Basically, this game will also help you teach your kids to manage their money in a fun and better way.

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