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Best Claw Machine 2021 and Its 3 Exclusive Prizes

There are so many claw crane games you can get and play on your device today. But the best claw machine 2021 is still the Japan Claw Machine.

This incredible game is available for android and iOS devices. Simply find Japan Claw Machine in the Google Play Store or App Store and download the app.

Japan Claw Machine is a free app that will give free prizes to the winners. Many things are waiting for the loyal players to win the prize.

Get more details about this app below and the prizes that can be won by playing Japan Claw Machine.

Best Claw Machine 2021 Game with Real Prize

Online Claw Machine Game

Japan Claw Machine offers various types of stuff you can win including electronic stuff, food, toys, soft toys, and also anime figurines.

You won’t get the prize randomly. You can choose whatever you want to get before you start playing and when you win it will be yours.

  • Sumikko Gurashi anime prize

In the anime section, you can choose to win the Sumikko Gurashi storage box as your real prize.

This 60 cm tall storage box comes in 2 tiers so you will get enough space to keep your stuff. It comes in soft blue color and cute design.

The storage box’s original price is 30 dollars. But this limited-edition storage box can be yours only by paying for the Japan Claw Machine game for free using the premium tickets.

Don’t waste your time, start playing and get the exclusive prizes from the Japan Claw Machine app right now.

  • Anime figurine

If you are looking for figurines to complete your collection, choose My Hero Academia the Movie: vs. Villain as the real prize claw machine app.

You will get a 40 dollar Deku figurine by winning the game. Don’t worry, if you can win it you won’t have to pay for anything.

Japan Claw Machine is going to ship your prize to your home via EMS or DHL. All you have to do is focusing on the game with the intention to win every real prize.

  • Cute Japanese style figurine

There is also the figurine of Re: Zero which is also a limited edition figurine you must win. Among the other two prizes above, this one is the priciest one.

The original price of this prize is 60 dollars. But you can pay only a dollar for each play in order to get this figurine.

If you can win it in a single play, you don’t have to spend a lot to get it. Once you get this figurine, start collecting the other prizes offered by Japan Claw Machine.

This game offers One Piece stuff, Disney and Pixar stuff, Pokémon stuffs, Demon Slayer stuff, and many other things as prizes.

Once the best claw machine 2021 app has been downloaded, you must choose one between the 5 game modes or styles available to play.

Then you can choose the prize you want to get. Use the premium tickets so you won’t have to pay. But if you have spent the entire ticket, each game requires a dollar.

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