Pokemon Claw Machine

3 Awesome Pokemon Claw Machine Prizes

Are you sure you are the real Pokemon trainer? How many Pokemon stuff do you have at home? The real Pokemon trainer should play the Pokemon claw machine and collect all original Pokemon prizes that come from Japan. Get the Japan Claw Machine game right now and start winning the prizes.

Why do I have to play the game while I can buy all the Pokemon stuff around the world? Because the prizes provided by Japan Claw Machine are exclusive prizes that you can’t find anywhere else. Those prizes can be yours only by playing and winning the online claw machine game.

Exclusive Pokemon Prizes Only for JCM Players

Pokemon was created in 1995 by a Japanese man named Satoshi Tajiri. Pokemon got famous in Japan and then spread to other countries around the world. At first, Pokemon was just an electronic game but then it was adapted to anime series and even films.

By playing Japan Claw Machine, you will be able to get a lot of Pokemon stuff that is not available anywhere else. Below are some exclusive goods you will get.

  • Cute Snorlax Plush Cushion

Who doesn’t know the always hungry and sleepy Snorlax. This Pokemon’s original name is Kabigon. By playing the online claw machine from JCM, you will have the chance to win a plush cushion of Snorlax or Kabigon in big size.

The 42 cm Snorlax plush cushion is worth USD 40. But by using the premium tickets, you can play for free and win this cute cushion without paying anything. Download and play Pokemon claw machine now and complete your Normal Pokemon collection.

  • Limited Edition Pikachu Plush Slippers

All Pokemon trainers know Pikachu, it is the most famous Pokemon character that has a yellow body and pink spots on its cheek. Pikachu plush slippers will complete your Pikachu collection at home. The slippers have yellow color and the smiling face of Pikachu, complete with its unique ears.

The original price of Pikachu plush slippers is USD 30 but it will be yours for free if you can win the Japan Claw Machine game using the premium ticket. If you have spent all the premium tickets, you only have to spend USD 1 for each play. Can you win Pikachu plush slippers in a single play only?

  • Cool Pikachu Daily Flip Calendar

Another awesome prize you will get is a Pikachu figure that holds a daily flip calendar on its belly. Imagine checking on the date and having Pikachu smiling at you every morning. You will be happy to welcome the new day everyday.

This prize’s original price is USD 20. But you can win the limited edition Pikachu daily flip calendar for USD 1 only, if you can win it in a single game. Any prize you win is going to be shipped to your home in the United Kingdom. JCM is in partnership with EMS and DHL for international shipment.

If you believe you are the real Pokemon trainer, there should be a Pokemon claw machine game installed on your Android smartphone or iPhone device. Get the app from Play Store or App Store now.


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