3 New Indonesia Consumer Trends 2021

The pandemic’s long term economic repercussions are far reaching in Southeast Asia’s countries, especially in its most populous nation, Indonesia. This pandemic made companies pivot their business. Understanding the latest Indonesia consumer trends 2021 will help to see the country’s opportunity. The pandemic also makes companies revise the strategies in order to overcome the entire … Read more

Laws and Opportunities of Private Equity Investment in Indonesia

Information on private equity investment in Indonesia, especially the transactions are generally done through the merger and acquisition framework or private investment. It is provided in Law Number 40 of 2007 about the Limited Liability Companies. If you are targeting the public company in Indonesia, the transaction is regulated by the Law Number 8 of … Read more

Malaysia Manufacturing Industry Statistics Representing the Business Success

Malaysia belongs to countries with high labor productivity. There are many manufacturing industries in this country. It makes sense that Malaysia manufacturing industry statistics shows great improvement. The economy market in Malaysia is quite competitive. It is true that the main source of Malaysian economy comes from agriculture, mineral resources and other natural resources. However, … Read more

Significant Growth of Manufacturing Market in Southeast Asia

The business development in Southeast Asia derives from various sources. However, the manufacturing is the most prominent source. No wonder, some entrepreneurs intend to enter manufacturing market in Southeast Asia because they see a lot of opportunities there. However, without experience and suitable approach, it will be difficult to enter the Southeast Asia market. Besides, … Read more